If you want to sell your home in the upcoming spring and summer selling season here in the Greater Killeen area, it's time to boost your curb appeal and get your sparkle on to impress buyers from the minute they drive up!

  February 2017 statistics show that the market is up 12% over February 2016.  
There will be even more competition among homes to attract a buyer in 2017!

Research shows that home buyers make up their mind about a Killeen home that's on the market within 30-60 seconds.   That's not much time to make a great first impression!  

Let's jump in and get you ready to get on the market and sell your home as fast as you can!


Improve Your Lawn and Landscaping

Sometimes landscaping can seem to be an overwhelming project, but a few easy projects can put some pizazz in your front yard!

  • Healthy Lawn - just needs fertilizer and regular watering
  • Weedy Lawn - spread a weed and feed product
  • Bare Spots - use a turf builder product like Scotts brand
  • Trim overgrown shrubs and low hanging limbs.
  • Plant a few flowers and mulch the rest of the flowerbed.  
  • Mow and edge the yard regularly


Your Front Door - Make a Great First Impression


Your front door can say a lot about your home.   Is it damaged?  Does it suffer from peeling paint?  Is your keylock hard to open?  

Improving the look of your front door is easy!  

  • Wash and rinse the door well
  • Make sure the door is dry
  • Paint a neutral color using an exterior grade paint (bright doors don't work in this market)
  • Carefully paint the trim around the door
  • Install a new entry lockset or work on the existing locks until they open easily.
  • Install a fresh new Welcome Mat

Make sure your locks work smoothly, because you don't want to give a buyer agent any reason to leave because he or she can't get in easily.  You would be surprised how often this happens!


More Tips to Help Boost the Curb Appeal  When Selling Your Killeen Home

Are you serious about selling quickly and for more money? Go the extra mile!

Try these ideas to put some energy into your curb appeal!

  • Replace any corroded light fixtures with something very similar to what is already there.
  • Wash the garage door with water and a soft cloth (no powerwash!)
  • Wash the brick and under the eaves with a soft brush (no power wash)
  • Kill weeds in driveway and sidewalks
  • Remove and wash all screens
  • Wash the window frames 
  • Polish the windows
  • Power wash the driveway and sidewalks
  • Power wash your porches

Did you know that homes show better when the window screens are removed? Isn't that a great idea?   More light can flood into your house, giving buyers the feeling that it is always light and airy.